Tower Tomato Support

The Easiest Way to Support Big, Heavy-Bearing Tomato Plants.
A full 6 feet tall, with easy-to-reach-through netting.

Tired of Tomato supports that handle only the bottom 3 feet of your plants, or collapse under the weight of a bumper crop? This Tomato Tower is the easiest, sturdiest, most effective support I've ever found for Tomatoes. It sets up in a trice, and gives you 6 solid feet of vertical support, plus indestructible netting with big reach-through for easy harvesting. If you've got heavy-bearing, get-up-and-grow Tomato vines, this is the support you deserve.

Taller than Tomato cages and much easier to keep in place than homemade towers and teepees, this structure consists of heavy-duty, round green hoops (14½ inches in diameter) at the top and bottom, separated by a black plastic pole and nylon trellis netting. The netting features 7-inch windowpanes, so you can easily reach through it to pull out those big beefsteaks or giant clusters of yummy cherry or grape Tomatoes! In fact, this tower is superb for any vining plant, but I think it works particularly well for Tomatoes because of its exceptional height (6 feet) and strength.

Make the most of your Tomato crop this season and don't lose a single fruit to tangled or broken vines! The Tomato Tower keeps your plants growing up and out for bigger, healthier crops.

Grow plants straight and tall, taking up much less space.
Just weave the stems up through the grid on these sturdy, heavy grade, galvanized steel towers as they grow.
Improves air circulation and ease of harvest.
Best suited for the classic, indeterminate or vining types.
Easy to store.
Total height 58”.

  • Set of 2 extra-tall towers.
  • Provides over 4-1/2 feet of growing space.
  • No more tying or propping up branches.
  • Top section of tower can be assembled initially, or added as the plant grows.
  • Folds easily for storage.
  • The affordable way to keep your tomatoes tall.

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