Reinforcing Bar Support

The theory behind concrete reinforcement is simple: concrete is a strong building material when compressed, but shearing forces or extreme tension can cause it to crack or buckle. The answer to these problems is to provide concrete with supplementary support in the form of a metal “skeleton” which sits inside the concrete. Such a skeleton is made of "reinforcing bar", or rebar for short.

To illustrate our architectural structure, several sections of concrete around the building have been drilled out to reveal the internal reinforcements contained within the structure. Different kinds and makes of rebar are visible in the shear wall, in a section of concrete slab, and in a support column.

Materials: Good Quality low carbon steel

Application: Reinforcing bar support is welded with new technology, mainly used for big construction industry, as joint linking single or multi-layer reinforced steel bars. With great strength, flexibility, anti-static, and environmental protection, this kind of reinforcing bar support can greatly improve the quality of the project, save cost and time. By using of steel bar support, the construction time can be saved and the speed can be accelerated to reduce the construction cycle.

Common size:
height: 1 inch to 10 inch.
length: 5 feet 10 feet.
wire diameter: 5.5 mm, 6.5 mm.
other size can be made as requirement!

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