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Many plants are vulnerable to damage from wind and rain unless properly staked. All our stakes are made from heavily galvanised steel rod and coated with dark green plastic. They last for decades and are virtually invisible. Select from the substantial range of plant supports we manufacture; Link-Stakes for herbaceous perennials throughout the garden, Loop-Stakes for single stemmed plants, Border Restraints for the front of the border, Shrub Supports for larger specimens and Y-Stakes to innovate and create your own supports, and provide 'First Aid for Floppy Flowers'.

We use the followings staking systems at the garden: Y stakes can be used on all plants as and when required, even after collapse, or to move between plants as and when required they are unobtrusive and blend well into the flower bed. Link Stakes are the most effective, versatile and discreet way to support plants throughout the garden, each stake simply 'links' to the next to create any size or shape of plant support.

The Link-Stakes can be placed in the border before or after plants have grown and can be easily adjusted at any time during the growing season. The grow through plant support system consists of a wire mesh ring and sturdy legs, cleverly designed and manufactured to give plants essential support throughout the growing period, however they do need to be in position before the plants grow too tall. Border restraints: Plants won't fall across the lawn or path if they are restrained with these sturdy, plastic coated solid galvanised steel supports. Unobtrusive and portable, they can be used on their own or in pairs to create a row or circle. Being quite 'springy' they can be widened or contracted to suit and are easy to adjust as your needs change throughout the season.

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