Product Groups

Galvanized steel round tomato cages in 33/42/54/59 inch high in 9–11 gauge wire are strong enough to support full-grown vines, tomatoes and vegetable plants

Tomato spiral wire made from low carbon steel Q195, Q235 or Mild steel.Surface finish: hot galvanized, electrical galvanized, pvc coated.

Wire supports are used for plants with some types, link stakes plant supports, loop-stakes supports and Y- stakes plant supports. They are used against wind or rain damage.

Wire easels can be galvanized wire, brass wire or PVC coated wire. Wire easels are used for displaying books, cookware, electronics, CDs, DVDs, stationery and much more.

Border restraints with galvanized steel wire for support to prevent plants fall across the lawn or path. The border restraints are unobtrusive and portable, used in pairs to create a row or circle.

Tower Tomato Support is mainly for your garden and vegetable, especially for tomatoes growing. Tomato Spirals is one of the major types of plant supports providing support system for every growing need.

Bow Plant Supports have some types: Extra Large Bow Plant Supports, Medium to Large Bow Plant Supports, Small to Standard Bow Plant Supports and so on.

Spiral Growing Support is most popular as plants supports or flower supports in your gardens and yards. The spiral growing supports can be supplied with various materials and specifications.

Grow-through Plant Support helps your garden or flower bed bloom. The grow-through plant support can be three legs or four legs. The durable plastic coated finish will protect the grid from the elements.

Y- Stakes plant supports are based on a simple but unique concept - their arms bend to fit the individual staking needs of just about any leaning or fallen plant.

The Loop-Stake Plant Supports are simple upright stakes, used anywhere in the garden to unsightly canes, providing the perfect support for single stemmed plants.

These steel panel obelisks are powder coated black to increase life expectancy and give a stunning finish, and with two size and three panel options to choose from, you'll be able to create a shape to suit almost every garden climber and location.

Unlike conventional plant supports the Twizzler offer great flexibility within your garden as it can be easily added, re-positioned or removed at any time throughout the growing season.

The Original Link-Stakes Plant Supports are the most effective, versatile and discreet way to support plants throughout the garden; each stake simply 'links' to the next to create any size or shape of plant support.

Metal hooks are made of galvanized or stainless steel wire with smooth surface. Hooks are usually used as clips, clamps and retainers for clothes or good in family.

Reinforcing bar support mainly used for big construction industry, as joint linking single or multi-layer reinforced steel bars. With great strength, flexibility, anti-static, and environmental protection.

There are continuous high chair, continuous high chair upper, continuous high chair with plate to provide support for upper slab steel from slab form. Each type sizes can be available.

Individual Bar Chairs are used to support wide-spaced light steel in slab or deck construction. The types are high chairs for metal decking, individual high chairs, special high chairs and individual high chair.

Beam Bolster is used to support lower beam steel from the slab form. The beam bolsters have beam bolster upped and plate. Upper is used to support successive layers of steel. Plate for heavy bottom.

Slab bolster is used to support lower beam steel from the slab form. The slab bolsters have beam bolster upped and plate. Upper is used to support successive layers of steel. Plate for heavy bottom.