Grow-through Support

Help your garden or flower bed bloom with the Grow-Through Plant Support. This circular support features a sturdy grid with 3.25 inch support squares. Three legs connect to the grid, allowing you to place it directly atop the growing plants, or slightly above your flowers. Guide the plant stems through the unit for maximum support. This item is especially helpful for plants with large, heavy blooms. The durable plastic coated finish will protect the grid from the elements, and the green color blends with any outdoor setting. Use the Grow-Through Plant Support in your garden for healthy blooms all season.

12 inch Dia. × 18 inch height.
16 inch Dia. × 24 inch height.
20 inch Dia. × 30 inch height.

Rail Dimensions: round rails, 0.125 inch dia. legs, 0.0625 inch dia. grid.
Mounting: place in ground.
Construction: metal.

Our four leg grow through plant supports are manufactured from 4.5mm dia. solid steel wire which is then protected from the environment with a green epoxy powder coating.

The grow through plant supports should be used early in the growing season. Pushed well down into the growing medium and pulled gently up as the plants grow, the frame will support the stems and flower heads and when the plant is fully grown the support becomes fully concealed.

In the Autumn the grow through supports stack away easily, ready for the next season.

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