Tips on using plant supports

Allow at least 15 cm in the soil for XLA bow plant supports, 10 cm - 14 cm for medium to large bow supports and 8 cm - 10 cm for the small to standard bow plant supports. In sandy soils more depth will be required. In hard dry soil, water well to ease the stake into the ground.

When using bow plant supports hold each leg about halfway down and push into the soil. If you hit a large stone just re-position slightly. Bow supports placed around a plant will give a gently 'lift' and stop the 'hole' that appears in the middle of many well established perennials.

The stakes should reach about halfway up your plant after they have been pushed into the ground. The idea is to give good sturdy support at the base of your plant, the product is hidden in foliage and the flowers stand up naturally.

Often you can use one bow support to gently 'lift' a plant that is crowding another in the border. Many customers find our products useful for keeping their dogs off the flower beds! Bow supports stack away easily at the end of the season. Tape the legs together and hang on a hook in the garden shed.

Our ring plant supports unhook and can be opened out to allow the gardener to gather in the stems without harming the plant. Many competition vegetable growers have bought our ring supports for growing leeks and onions. Our smaller ringed single stemmed supports are ideal for holding alliums and day lilies in a mixed border when so often these plants can get crowded out.

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