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Wire supports in various shapes used in agriculture for flowers, vegetables and fruits

Four different wire supports are supporting different plants.

Wire support is commonly made of low carbon steel or mild steel, vinyl-coated wire, plastic coated solid galvanized steel, aluminum, PVC coated solid steel wire. It is available in various and shapes. It is widely used in agriculture and garden for flowers, vegetables and fruits. And it also used in mall kiosks, art galleries, and book signings for displaying collectibles, china, or decorative art pieces and used in daily use as clips, clamps and retainers.

The wire supports can be divided into different types according to the materials, uses, characteristics, such as tower tomato support, tomato spiral wire, plant supports, grow-through plant support and Y-stakes plant supports, wire easel, border restraints, spiral growing support, steel panel obelisk, metal hook, reinforcing bar support, continuous high chair and individual bar chairs, beam bolster and slab bolster.

Here mainly show benefits of wire support as plant supports. They have a long service life and are virtually invisible. They are easy to adjust as your needs change all over the whole year. Moreover they are unobtrusive and portable.

Wire easel provides a means of displaying books, cookware, electronics, CDs and stationery, collectibles, china or decorative art pieces. It can be adjusted to the desired display angle.

Grow-through plant support has three legs connect to grid, allowing you to place it directly atop the growing plants, or slightly above your flowers. Guide the plant stems through the unit for maximum support. Its sizes available are 12 inch Dia. × 18 inch height, 16 inch Dia. × 24 inch height and 20 inch Dia. × 30 inch height for your choice.

Our tomato spiral wire with a wide rang sizes: diameter 5mm to 8mm, high: 5mm - 10mm, surface treatment: galvanized/ powder coated, package: 1000, 1200, 1500pcs/pallet.

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Hot Products

Galvanized steel round tomato cages in 33/42/54/59 inch high in 9–11 gauge wire are strong enough to support full-grown vines, tomatoes and vegetable plants

Tomato spiral wire made from low carbon steel Q195, Q235 or Mild steel.Surface finish: hot galvanized, electrical galvanized, pvc coated.

Wire supports are used for plants with some types, link stakes plant supports, loop-stakes supports and Y- stakes plant supports. They are used against wind or rain damage.

Wire easels can be galvanized wire, brass wire or PVC coated wire. Wire easels are used for displaying books, cookware, electronics, CDs, DVDs, stationery and much more.

Border restraints with galvanized steel wire for support to prevent plants fall across the lawn or path. The border restraints are unobtrusive and portable, used in pairs to create a row or circle.

Tower Tomato Support is mainly for your garden and vegetable, especially for tomatoes growing. Tomato Spirals is one of the major types of plant supports providing support system for every growing need.

Bow Plant Supports have some types: Extra Large Bow Plant Supports, Medium to Large Bow Plant Supports, Small to Standard Bow Plant Supports and so on.

Spiral Growing Support is most popular as plants supports or flower supports in your gardens and yards. The spiral growing supports can be supplied with various materials and specifications.